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Madarao trekking

Forest Therapy

What is "Forest Therapy"?


Have you ever gone into a forest, felt the difference in the air, taken a deep breath, and felt refreshed and relaxed? These effects of forests have long been known as "forest bathing." "Forest therapy" is a step beyond "forest bathing" and is an attempt to scientifically elucidate the effects of "forest bathing" and utilize it for the health of the mind and body.
In fact, a physiological experiment conducted in the forests of the Madarao Highlands in 2005 showed that spending time or walking in the forest "increases the activity of NK cells, which are effective in suppressing cancer," and "reduces the concentration of cortisol (a stress hormone) in saliva," proving that spending time in the forest boosts the immune system and has a relaxing effect.

How to enjoy the forest

Walking through the forest with a "forest guide"

Our "forest guides" take great care to understand what customers are looking for when they come to the forest. They will be there to support those who want to walk quietly, and those who want to get some exercise can enjoy a full forest walk... Experience the forest with all your senses.


Forest Yoga


It's a special time of relaxation to spend in the beech forest, which is cool even in summer. The sense of openness that you can't feel indoors and the pleasant feeling of being surrounded by greenery will free your mind and body.

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