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Produced by trail runner Hiroki Ishikawa, two races are held at Madarao Kogen. The races are of course serious competitions, but many people also participate with their families and friends, creating a homely atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you take on the challenge.

Madarao Forest Trails 50km Madarao Kogen Trail Running Race

This event has been held since 2007 and is produced by trail runner Hiroki Ishikawa. The race starts at Restaurant Heidi at Madarao Kogen Ski Resort, goes around the south side of Mt. Madarao, and heads for the summit of Mt. Madarao while looking out over Lake Nojiri. The course then passes through several marshes and lakes, and the summits of Mt. Hakamadake and Mt. Kenashi, before returning to the finish line in a one-way fashion. There are almost no steep climbs throughout the entire 50km, making the entire course "runnable" for strong runners. In particular, from the first checkpoint, Restaurant Banff, the course continues through the forest, making it the ultimate trail running experience. The winning time is usually around 4 hours and 30 minutes. There is also a beginner's class of 16km.

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