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Grass skiing

Madarao activity tickets available

Grass skiing


Please wear comfortable clothing (long pants).

Grass skiing, where you slide on grass with caterpillar-like skis, is also a great way to train when you're off-season. There are free beginner lessons available, so even beginners can enjoy it with peace of mind. The fee includes beginner lessons, rental fees, and skiing fees. (Boot sizes 18cm and up)


June 1st to late October


Beginner 2 hours 5,000 yen (skiing fee and rental fee)

+500 yen for every 30 minutes extension
+1,000 yen for intermediate and advanced course use

If you bring your own equipment, beginner course skiing fee is 1,500 yen/use of two courses is 3,000 yen




Available at any time


Madarao Sports Academy


No reservation required




No age limit (boot size 18cm and up)

First lecture only

Madarao Sports Academy


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